Singapore Funeral Services


Singapore funeral services are highly recommended by friends overseas who travel to this part. The culture in Singapore is quite different from that of America, and the way the family is treated in traditional funeral service is very different from how it is handled here. There is no place for much ribbing or laughter in American funeral service, and family members often feel very intimidated and removed from the situation. This is why friends and relatives of a departed loved one in Singapore should take extra time to prepare for the funeral service. Singapore funeral services will be a very emotional and challenging experience for everyone present. Here are some things that friends and relatives of departed loved ones in Singapore should keep in mind.

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First, it’s essential to have a place for the body to be kept during the funeral service. Although cremation containers are available in some public facilities, it is better to have a place specially reserved for the body. Many Singapore cemeteries can do this, and the family can decide which cemetery they wish to visit. A very popular cemetery located in an upscale neighborhood just outside Singapore City’s main gate is burials, so you may want to choose this cemetery if you are not already familiar with it. The main building of the cemetery is constructed in an earthen, brick-and-stone building, and the headstones are set on marble bases that match the exterior look of the building.

Second, when it comes to Singapore, funeral homes provide the best funeral services possible. In America, where the family is just notified of the death, family members are more likely to feel that the death has already occurred. This can be viewed as a celebration that the person no longer has to fight for their life. But in traditional Asian funeral service, the body is not present, and the deceased’s friends and relatives are there to help during the process.

Third, it is highly recommended that you schedule a funeral service for yourself in Singapore. Funeral homes are accustomed to dealing with Americans and have developed ways to deal with difficult situations. Also, the government has provided for the highest standards of health care and funerals in the world. But the same applies to a Buddhist funeral service – allotting a short period between the service and burial makes sense and prevents stress that may occur once word gets out that the deceased had been cremated.

Fourth, remember that cremation is not mandatory in Singapore. Some families prefer it because they do not want to cremate their loved ones, even though ashes will most likely be present at the burial. Others organize it themselves. But whatever your preference, the important thing is to make arrangements so that it can go smoothly without any glitches. With cremation not mandatory, the costs will naturally be more affordable. You can also arrange it on short notice, as some cemeteries have a waitlist, and it can take some time before a body is present.

Fifth, there are many Buddhist funeral services in Singapore, and some are very similar to those in the United States. They usually consist of songs, poetry, prayers, and hymns, including a dignified goodbye speech from the bereaved family. The cremation services do not have a separate prayer area like other sad affairs, but if you prefer to donate in memory of your loved one, you can do so at the end of the service after paying your bill. Most Singaporean families have this tradition, and it has become increasingly popular among the local populace in recent times.

Sixth, the essential part of any funeral is the actual casket itself. Although we can choose from a wide variety of designs and materials, the essential part of your choice will be the casket itself, which must represent the character of your loved one. For example, if he was a passionate follower of Buddha, you might want to find a casket that bears a distinctive symbol representing that belief. On the other hand, if he was more of a fan of Elvis Presley, you might consider getting a traditional black wood casket rather than a modern, light-weight metal or plastic casket.

Seventh, you can expect the cremation services to be brief. There is no need for an elaborate memorial service since the body has already been cremated. Also, if you prefer a traditional burial, there will be no need for a memorial service, as the cremation services can take care of that. Lastly, the cremation services are not going to cost you anything in particular. Just a small token of remembrance for your loved one would be just fine.