Is Owning a Condo a Good Investment?


A condo, commonly shortened to a condominium in Canada and the US, is essentially a group of homes owned by one or more people who lease the houses to each other every month. Because there is no ownership of the home itself, there is no need for any down payment, and the property itself is not being rented out as you might expect. Instead, each person who owns the home leases it out to another person who is then, in turn, renting it out to others.

Condos have their unique advantages instead of other real estate firms because they tend to be more stable than residential properties. Many condos are built on large lots, which allow for proper development. Condos are often built close enough to the area in which the owner lives that if the owner decides to sell his home, he can find many interested buyers in the surrounding area. This makes condominium ownership a much less expensive proposition than many types of residential properties.

Since condos are usually self-financed through the condo association, there are generally fewer headaches associated with a condo purchase. Parc central residences This is because the condo association will typically pay off the mortgage on the property in exchange for monthly rent payments. These payment schedules usually take into account fluctuations in market values for commercial properties.

Because condos are not owned by a single individual trying to “self-finance” the property, there are very few risks associated with owning a condo and having your financial investment in the home. Because the building and association are maintaining the property, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. This means that you do not have to pay out as much money to pay for the unit’s maintenance as you would if you had an attached single-family house or townhouse. With that said, you will also want to make sure that you purchase an older model unit as newer models tend to have more maintenance expenses and upkeep issues associated with them.

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Some condo buildings even provide a tax credit on purchases. This may not necessarily benefit if you already have property tax rebates available for those that qualify. Still, it certainly can be if you are purchasing a condo from a different jurisdiction. This tax credit can reduce your property tax bill on the purchase of your condo, although it will likely be offset against any property tax rebates that you already have. Suppose you happen to reside in a jurisdiction where this is not available.

To conclude, condos are a good investment for buyers who own their own home and have a good credit rating. They offer a stable investment and have lower depreciation that makes them a better choice when buying an older property than properties that are just starting or located in more rapidly growing areas.