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Athens is full of wonderful things to see and do. A very long list of things to do and lots of top class hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The Best Adventures In Athens Are Almost Completely Surrounded By The Water: If you want to escape from town and be in an apartment surrounded by water, this is your perfect option. The area is named Cretan bay and the flats are on a high ground and surrounded by deserts. You get the feeling of being at the Mediterranean Sea.

Living in Athens: There is an extensive selection of different accommodation options available to you. Even in the event that you want to stay at a four star hotel, you’ll find a fantastic apartment that provides every convenience. These apartments are typically quite close to great places to go and see and are very much near the a variety of tourist attractions.

It might be the place, the dimensions, the characteristics and the amenities. No matter the reason, having a level in which you can enjoy everything Athens has to offer.

The online Connection: Most of these apartments provide some type of broadband Internet connection so that you are able to get online and surf the internet in the comfort of your property. Student living athens The internet connectivity can even be upgraded to 4G technology. The broadband connection is for all your online requirements.

Large Flat Bedrooms: Many apartments are spacious with big bedrooms, but a good deal of them don’t have a private balcony or space for any additional guests. You might need to share the living space with other apartment tenants. If that is the case with you, then you might want to rent a larger apartment.

Size Of Apartment: One of the most important factor that you should consider when looking for a flat is the size of this apartment. It’s sensible to pick a bigger one so that you can have enough room to entertain people on your own. If you’re likely to entertain just friends or only family, then the bigger apartment would be ideal for you.

The majority of the flats have all the modern conveniences, like a refrigerator, oven, and even a television. All the modern amenities and conveniences that you would expect.

Cleanliness: A number of the flats may have cheap options, but they’re not the ones that you are searching for. The caliber of the apartments might not be like the ones that you can find in some of the best cities across the world. If you want a comfy and tidy apartment, you need to look for one that comes with all the best qualities of a well furnished apartment.

The proximity to the region where you would like to go can make a huge difference concerning accessibility. Some apartments in Athens have immediate access to the metro and you are able to reach them from any point within the city.

The modern amenities include gymnasiums, health centers, saunas, swimming pools, children care centres, schools and libraries. These places are usually the smartest choice. The majority of the flats have access to public transport.

If you have been living in Athens and looking for an apartment which provides all of the conveniences of home, then you’ve come to the right location. We have listed out some of the best Athens apartments in Athens for you to test out.